Tips To Help Reduce Tooth Erosion

Something we see today more than ever before is dental erosion. Tooth erosion occurs when tooth enamel gets dissolved by acid, causing teeth to become more sensitive, yellow and show more signs of pitting and wear.

Common foods and drinks are often to blame (sodas, wine, orange juice, citric fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, sports drinks just to name a few). Many of these foods or beverages, even though they are considered healthy ones, are the causes of this erosion. So how do you avoid this? Here are a couple tips:

  • If you are going to drink beverages with high sugar or acid levels, drink them through a straw to help reduce exposure to your teeth.
  • If you consume anything acidic, try to brush your teeth about an hour after.
  • Try to finish off acidic meals with a neutralizing beverage like milk.

If you have further questions about Tooth Erosion and want some advice. Please ask our team on your next visit!