Exercising And Your Smile

We all know that exercising is important to keep your body healthy, but did you know it is important for keeping your smile healthy too? With almost 80% of adults dealing with gum disease – an alarming statistic – it is important to take every step possible to ensure oral health. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help reduce your risk of gum disease by almost 52%!  In addition, exercising just three times a week can:

  1. Help your body absorb minerals that keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  2. Reduce the chance of cavities by regulating your blood sugar (which at high levels can help cause cavities).
  3. Help reduce the presence of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth that can contribute to gum disease.

So next time you need some extra motivation to get out and be active, don’t just think about your body but think about the health of your smile too. If you have any additional questions about oral health and/or need to schedule your next visit please give us a call at 704-543-7001 or request an appointment online.