Maintaining Oral Health During the Holidays: Foods to Avoid

The festive season is just around the corner, and it means that we are going to have holidays. Hooray!

Holidays are great and we all love them because it means we have lots of fun and celebrations with our families and friends. We all are going to attend many parties during the holidays, and one of the things that we look forward to in every party we attend is comfort food.

That freshly baked pumpkin pie, roasted Turkey, bacon and Christmas cake that our grandma or a friend makes every time are a few of the things we look forward to. While we all love eating the scrumptious food served at Christmas parties, we need to be a little careful as some of the foods can take a toll on our oral health.

If you do not want to visit a dentist soon after the holidays, consider avoiding the following foods to maintain your oral health:

Be Careful of Hard Candies and Chocolates

Let’s accept it; candy canes are tasty, and the holidays are the only times when we give up on dieting and eat whatever we want. But sadly, they are among the foods that are worse for our teeth and overall oral health. If you bite into them, you are at the risk of breaking your teeth. Even if you like to just put them in your mouth and suck on them, your teeth are still exposed to sugar for long periods of time, increasing the risk of cavities.

Chocolates are also rich in sugar. The bacterium that helps in the digestion of this sugar ultimately affects the enamel and dissolves. What we get in return are cavities.

Say No to Soda

We all know how bad soda is not only for our teeth, but also for our overall health. The high sugar and acid content in soda will definitely make you visit the dentist after the holidays are over.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Too much consumption of alcohol can cause gum disease, tooth decay, and various other oral infections. It can also reduce the production of saliva and hence, can cause dry mouth. Many other serious health problems are also associated with over consumption of alcohol. So, go easy on it during the holidays to avoid regretting it later.

Be Cautious of Starchy Foods

All the cakes, cookies, chips, and donuts that we eat all day during the festive season are rich in starch. Particles of these foods are difficult to remove as they get trapped in our teeth and need extra cleaning.

Egg Nog

Egg Nog is also rich in sugar, making it bad for our oral health.

All the above mentioned foods damage our teeth and affect oral health for obvious reasons. Therefore, we all need to be very careful in making our food choices to make sure that we do not have to pay a visit to the dentist as soon as the holidays are over. Remember that your mouth is the gateway to your internal system. If it is unhealthy and filled with germs, your overall health is going to be affected as well.

The simplest way to dodge any problems is to avoid all the bad foods as much as possible. Even if you consume them, eat small quantities and immediately brush and floss your teeth to make sure that their particles do not get stuck to your teeth, whose presence can cause bacteria growth and tooth decay.

Caldwell, Bills and Petrilli Dentistry is always available to help you out with any problems related to oral health. So, if you end up with any issues during or after the holidays schedule an appointment with us to make sure your teeth stay healthy.