Make Brushing Exciting for Kids

Making kids sleep at night is a great struggle on its own. What makes it even more difficult is to make them follow a bedtime routine, including brushing teeth. Mornings are not an exception either.

Do you have to deal with your child’s resistance and tears when it comes to teeth brushing, no matter how much you explain to him/her about its importance?

Well, this is not enough.

What else could be done, then?

Simple, make teeth brushing an exciting and fun activity for kids that they should look forward to!

But, how?

Following are some of the ways this can be done:

Set an Example for Them

Ever noticed little girls trying to copy their mommies and young boys attempting to be like their dads? Parents are children’s first role models, and that’s why they try to do everything that they see their parents doing. So why not take advantage of this and set an example of regular teeth brushing? They will surely follow you.

Make It a Game/ Tell Them a Story

Children do not find anything exciting in teeth brushing. They are too young to understand all the science behind it. Make it simple; tell them some story about a ‘cavity monster’ or a ‘sugar bug’ trying to attack their teeth and that they have to defend their teeth against them like a super hero.
Another way to make teeth brushing fun is to include it in your child’s plays. Make him/her brush the teeth of his/her stuff toy/ doll.

Let Them Do It on Their Own

Toddlers find it really exciting to do everything on their own. So, let them brush their own teeth, but do assist them. Don’t worry about the mess, it is not more important that your child’s oral health.

Make Use of Technology

There are many apps available that make teeth brushing fun for kids, such as Brush DJ and Star Teeth. Use your smart phone and/or tablet to develop healthy habits in your child.

Do not make teeth brushing a boring and tedious duty for your children. Make brushing for kids exciting, fun and something they look forward to. All it needs is just a little creative thought keeping in view your child’s interests and personality.