teeth whitening


teeth-whitening-1Who doesn’t like a bright, white smile? However, our teeth tend to lose their brightness and shine and become dull and yellow with time, all thanks to our poor diet comprising of junk food like soda, tea, coffee, cigarettes, drugs and other such food items. Additionally, most of us take our sparkling, white teeth for granted and do not take proper care of them. All of this results in a person losing their pearly, white smile.

Dull, yellow teeth not only look bad and affect our physical appearance, but they can also be a sign of our poor health and a reflection of our poor oral hygiene, bad metabolism or infection.

Why It Is Important To Consult A Dentist?

People often get their hands on different kinds of home remedies to regain the whiteness and shine of their teeth, but they do not understand that while they follow those remedies, they might be ignoring and compromising on their health.

As mentioned earlier, dingy, yellow teeth can be a sign of some health problem; therefore, it is really important that you consult a reliable dentist and get your teeth checked for any lingering issue.

Procedures to Regain Your Bright Smile

After confirmation from the dentist that your yellow teeth are not a sign of any serious health problems, you are free to take up teeth whitening treatments and procedures without any concern. However, it is advised that you seek your dentist’s help for that as well rather than following home remedies. This is because the results that you get from home remedies are only temporary whereas the whitening treatments given by a dentist provides long lasting results. This means that when you consult a reliable dentist for teeth whitening treatment, you are warding off the fear of losing the white, bright smile again in the future.

Following are the two major teeth whitening procedures that dentists prescribe to their patients, depending upon their preferences, budget and availability of time.

1. In-Office Whitening

teeth-whitening-2This is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the field of dentistry that, unlike home remedies, uses high quality bleaching agents to remove the stains from your teeth and make them white and shiny again. Although this procedure is expensive than the other methods, it gives immediate results and is completely safe. Also known as power whitening or bleaching, this method is most effective in removing stains and discoloration due to the use of tobacco, certain types of foods and aging. However, you need to follow a cleaning and/or maintenance regime, as prescribed by the dentist, to retain the results of in-office whitening procedure in the long term.

2. Tray Whitening

teeth whiteningTray Whitening is comparatively a slower method of teeth whitening as compared to the in-office whitening procedure. It is preferred by those who either have a low budget and/or who do not have time to go and sit in the dentist’s clinic for hours. Customized and flexible trays are given to patients, which are supposed to be filled with a whitening gel and left on your teeth for a certain period of time (as prescribed by the dentist) everyday to get the desired results.

If you are planning to get any of these teeth whitening procedures done, it is important that you consult a reliable and qualified dentist to make sure you get a high quality and safe service. For residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, Caldwell, Bills, Petrilli & West Dentistry is the best option not only for teeth whitening procedures, but also for all kinds of dental problems. Fill out the online form or call us at (704) 543-7001 to book an appointment.