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Although the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, there is a lot more that goes into caring for your oral health. Dietary choices and regular dental visits also play a key role in maintaining good oral hygiene. However, many overlook the need for family dentistry. Read for more information regarding the need for a family dentist.

Keep Track of Dental History

Your local family dentistry office can take care of dental issues and check-ups in both children and adults. The good thing about family dentists is that they can keep track of the oral health of everyone in your family. The availability of family dental records in one office helps identify genetic dental issues so that appropriate treatment plans can be developed. For instance, if your parents don’t have the strongest enamel, you and your kids may be more likely to have weak enamel as well. A family dentist can help to monitor this issue before it becomes a major problem for your family’s dental health.

Overcome Anxiety Associated With Dental Visits

Regular visits to a local family dentist office help reduce children’s dental anxiety. Family appointments give children confidence and a sense of comfort. When they see their parents receive their dental checkups from the same dentists, it helps to ease any anxiety. 

Personalized Care and Treatment

A family dentist provides a detailed review of your dental health after each visit and recommends necessary adjustments in treatment. Such sessions will ensure the most suitable treatment and prevention plan is tailored for you.

Quality Emergency Treatment

In case of emergencies such as a broken or painful tooth, having a local family dentistry office can provide availability and reliability when it most matters. Since the office has your dental information, they will offer the most suitable treatment in a timely manner.

For the best dental health results, contact your local family dentist office at Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry today. We’re the Charlotte family dentistry office you can trust for quality care.

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