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According to the American Dental Association, it’s recommended to brush and floss your teeth twice a day to remove plaque, food particles, and other residues from your teeth. While many of us brush our teeth to protect our oral health and prevent cavities, only 10% of Americans floss every day.

Flossing is an essential part of your dental care routine. But why exactly is it so important in the first place? What can flossing do that regular brushing can’t? Here, we’ll dive into some of the key reasons why flossing is a vital part of your dental care routine and why you ought to be flossing every day.

  • Flossing prevents tartar build-up: Your toothbrush is great for removing plaque and food, but even electric toothbrushes aren’t able to reach the areas between your teeth. Flossing gently scrapes away plaque from the sides of each tooth. It only takes 24 hours for plaque to turn into tartar, a sticky deposit that requires a professional dentist to remove it. Tartar build-up can put you at greater risk for cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis(gum disease).
  • Flossing helps to prevent unflattering stains: Your tooth enamel is like a sponge. When you eat and drink throughout the day, pigmented residue from those foods and beverages can get absorbed by your enamel. Over time, that pigmented residue can lead to unflattering stains and yellowing teeth. Flossing regularly helps to remove particles and residue from your teeth before it can stain them.
  • Flossing reduces your risk of chronic conditions: Your oral health directly impacts the rest of your body’s health. An increasing amount of evidence has shown a correlation between periodontal disease and increased risk of chronic conditions like heart disease. Flossing helps to keep plaque, tartar, and bacteria away from your gum line so you can prevent inflammation and gum disease.

Brushing and flossing are both essential to your dental care routine, but it’s just as important to visit your dentist at least once every six months for a routine cleaning. Your family dentist can remove tartar from your teeth to help prevent gum disease. If you’re looking to make a dentist appointment for a routine cleaning, contact your local dentist at Caldwell, Bills, Petrilli & West Dentistry today.